Product Reviews and Q&A

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What are product reviews?

Customers who have purchased products from the Steelcase Store provide feedback based on their personal experiences, which can help you determine which product best suits your needs. Each product review gives an overall rating based upon a 1 to 5 star rating system with 5 being the most favorable.

What are product Q&As?

For every product on Steelcase Store, Q&A is available. Using our online form, customers may ask a specific question about products and our representatives will respond with helpful answers. Customers may also benefit from reading the questions that other customers have asked as well as the responses.

How do I find a product review or answers?

Visit the page for the product you are interested in. Click on the number to the right of the blue stars near the product name to view reviews, or scroll down to the tabs below the product image and click on the "review" tab. To find Q&A, click on the "Q&A" tab in the section below the product image.

Submit a product review or ask a question

Visit the page for the product you are interested in. Click on “Write a Review" or "Ask a Question" in the tabbed section below the product image. You will then be directed to the page where you can write and submit your review together with your comments and images or videos of you and the product.

All reviews and Q&A are subject to moderation and will appear after they are released by our representitives (usually after 48 hours). All reviews will be published unless they are inappropriate or non-constructive.